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Name of Work

DiDomenica, Robert (1927-)
Quintet for clarinet and strings

Adagio molto
Allegro con spirito


May 21, 2003

Larry Combs, Clarinet
Jasmine Lin, Violin
Joseph Genualdi, Viola
Rami Solomonow, Viola
Christopher Costanza, Cello

DIDOMENICA-Quintet for Clarinet and Strings

Composed in 1965

Robert DiDomenica comments on his Quintet for Clarinet and Strings

I wrote this piece in 1965, while I was playing flute in the pit orchestra of the Broadway show Haifa Sixpence, for the clarinetist Charles Russo, who was also playing in that orchestra. The work is built on paraphrases (primarily rhythmic) of the great Mozart and Brahms quintets. I had envisioned my work as not only being performed independently but also in combination with its two ancestors, though the latter has not happened as yet. The approximately twenty-minute work is in four movements. Movement I is a compressed sonata; II a ternary; III a fugue, with the episodes based on themes from movements I and II; and IV a piece in itself, recalling both ideas from earlier movements and perhaps more recognizable references to Mozart and Brahms. In a more humorous vein, there is (in Movement III) a short quote from the actual clarinet part from the Broadway show and a tarantella-like quality given to the fugue theme in cheerful homage to Charles Russo's (and my) ancestry!

Performed May 21, 2003 (MCA)

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